When you Know, and you Know that you Know, Confidence Replaces Fear!

Winston will tell you that this simple little sentence is something his dad has been saying to him ever since he can remember! He'd say it just like this, "Son, when you KNOW, and you KNOW that you KNOW, confidence replaces Fear." There is nothing like having confidence in what you are doing! For instance, have you ever spent hours, days and perhaps even weeks preparing to file your tax return and then after you actually file it you have absolutely no idea if it was done right? Are you confident that you won’t be the target of an audit? Or; have you ever met with a Shiny Financial Advisor who sent you out the door with retirement plan of Pie Charts, Prospectus' and Graphs and a "highly diversified portfolio" only to wonder what you actually just did? Do you have any confidence in that plan when at the bottom of the page it reads,"Investing includes risks, your account may lose value?" Can you say with confidence exactly what your income will be on the day you actually retire? This is what Winston is talking about.

©2015 Winston P. Stevenson